Flex-Hose Co., Inc
Flex-Hose Co., Inc. 536 Listed for compressed and combustible gasses 33nb CSA standard B51 certified. Inspected and tested by the Technical Standards and Safety Authority of Canada NSF/ANSI 61 and California low lead law third party listed by IAPMO R&T FM Approved for Fire Protection Systems Lead Free



US Pumpsaver SF-15P (blank lengths) PurgeAir Grooved Tri-Flex Loop TFL4SWN
Bellowsflex Metal Bellows XJ Pumpsaver SSF-15P (blank lengths) PurgAir Weld Ends Tri-Flex Loop TFL2SSWN6
Flexcomp HP/CPR-FSxFS Pumpsaver SSF-15P6 (blank lengths) QuikPress® Tri-Flex Loop TFL4SSWN6
Flexcomp HP/STL-MxM Pumpsaver SF-15PxVG StopLink Control Cables Tri-Flex Loop TFL2SMN-UL
FlexPress FP-D/150 FxF Pumpsaver SF/CI-15P Tri-Flex Loop TFL2BPP Tri-Flex Loop TFL4SMN-UL
Flexpress FP-D/150 WxW Pumpsaver SF/CI-15PxVG Tri-Flex Loop TFL2BSW Tri-Flex Loop TFL2SMP-UL
Flexpress FP-D/300 FxF Pumpsaver SF/CI-Mx15P Tri-Flex Loop TFL4BPP Tri-Flex Loop TFL4SMP-UL
Flexpress FP-D/300 WxW Pumpsaver SMN-L Tri-Flex Loop TFL4BSW Tri-Flex Loop TFL2SWN-UL
Flexpress FP-S/150 FxF Pumpsaver SMN-S Tri-Flex Loop TFL2SMN Tri-Flex Loop TFL4SWN-UL
Flexpress FP-S/150 WxW Pumpsaver SMN (blank lengths) Tri-Flex Loop TFL4SMN Ultrafuel Flex UFFMN-UL
Flexpress FP-S/300 FxF Pumpsaver SSMN-L Tri-Flex Loop TFL2SSMN6 Ultrafuel Flex UFFMP-UL
Flexpress FP-S/300 WxW Pumpsaver SSMN-S Tri-Flex Loop TFL4SSMN6 Ultrafuel Flex UFFWN-UL
Flexzorber EED EPDM Pumpsaver SSMN (blank lengths) Tri-Flex Loop TFL2SMP Ultrafuel Flex UFFRR-UL
Flexzorber EES EPDM Pumpsaver SSMN6-L Tri-Flex Loop TFL4SMP Ultrafuel Flex UFFRY-UL
Flexzorber NND Pumpsaver SSMN6-S Tri-Flex Loop TFL2SSMP6 Canadian
Flexzorber NNDFU Pumpsaver SSMN6 (blank lengths) Tri-Flex Loop TFL4SSMP6 Flexcomp HP/CPR-FSxFS
Flexzorber NNS Pumpsaver SMP Tri-Flex Loop TFL2SVG Flexcomp HP/STL-MxM
Guideline Pipe Guides Pumpsaver SSMP6 Tri-Flex Loop TFL4SVG FlexPress FxF
Pumpflex BPC-FX Pumpsaver SVG Tri-Flex Loop TFL2SSVG6 FlexPress WxW
Pumpsaver BSW Pumpsaver SSVG6 Tri-Flex Loop TFL4SSVG6 Pumpflex BPC-FX
Pumpsaver BSW (blank lengths) PurgAir Flanged Tri-Flex Loop TFL2SWN