Flex-Hose Co., Inc
Flex-Hose Co., Inc. 536 Listed for compressed and combustible gasses 33nb CSA standard B51 certified. Inspected and tested by the Technical Standards and Safety Authority of Canada NSF/ANSI 61 and California low lead law third party listed by IAPMO R&T FM Approved for Fire Protection Systems Lead Free

TeflonŽ Expansion Joints
Flexible Couplings and Expansion Joints

Function:  Common applications include chemical process piping, load cell weigh stations, diaphragm pumping stations and pump connectors in the HVAC market.
Materials: TeflonŽ
Sizes: 1" to 12" I.D.

2 and 3 convolution (standard)

End Fittings: All flanges are tapped to mate with 125 / 150# companion flanges.
  • Tie Rods (eliminates over extension) and Compression Sleeves (eliminates over compression).
  • Rubber grommets at tie rods prevent metal-to-metal contact
  • Cadmium plated flanges retard corrostion
  • No gaskets required as bellows "flares thru" flange face
TEFLONŽ is a registered trademark of DuPont