Flex-Hose Co., Inc
Flex-Hose Co., Inc. 536 Listed for compressed and combustible gasses 33nb CSA standard B51 certified. Inspected and tested by the Technical Standards and Safety Authority of Canada NSF/ANSI 61 and California low lead law third party listed by IAPMO R&T FM Approved for Fire Protection Systems Lead Free


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Tri-Flex Loop                                     (Espanol)
Flex-Hose's Tri-Flex Loop makes a world of difference in critical piping connections. It is designed to provide a superior flexible pipe loop that will absorb and compensate multi-plane pipe movements simultaneously as well as reduce piping stress.
Tri-Flex Loop Cable Kit
The UL Listed Tri-Flex Loop Hanger Assembly Kit saves valuable time on Tri-Flex Loop installation, making it easy to support and hang the revolutionary Tri-Flex Loop.
The Pumpsaver metal flexible connectors are available in stainless steel or bronze.
FlexZorber NNS
The Flexzorber single sphere flanged expansion joint/flexible connector is an easy and economical way to control piping movement, vibration, and noise transmission.
FlexZorber NND
The Flexzorber double sphere flanged expansion joint/flexible connector is used similarly to the single sphere. The double sphere allows greater compression, elongation and angular movements.
StopLink simplifies the installation of NNS and NND style rubber expansion joints. Easy to install, factory designed and assembled with no loose parts or field adjustments. Simply bolt to mating flanges.
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FlexZorber NNDFU
The Flexzorber double sphere female union expansion joint/flexible connector is used to compensate for motions similar to those handled by other spherical connectors.
Spool Type Expansion Joint
Flex-Hose's spool type expansion joints are used to compensate for movement, absorb vibration, and reduce noise in piping systems.
FlexComp *
These FlexComp expansion compensators are designed to absorb thermal growth in HVAC small diameter piping systems. FlexComp compensators eliminate the need and expense of pipe loops, or the associated maintenance with packed slip joints.
Flexpress *
The Flexpress externally pressurized guided expansion joint provides a safe and reliable means of absorbing high axial motions.
Bellowsflex *
Bellowsflex metal bellows type expansion joints are designed for a wide range of applications and service conditions.
Guideline *
Guideline pipe alignment guides are designed to maintain the longitudinal position of the pipe centerline without causing axial restraint.
The Pumpflex bellows pump connector features a 300 series stainless steel bellows construction. Pumpflex has a short face-to-face dimension for compact installations.
Corrugated Metal Hose Assemblies
Flex-Hose's complete line of annular corrugated metal hose assemblies are available in alloys of stainless steel, bronze, and monel with various alloys and types of end fittings.
Control Units
Control units (2-rod) are available for spherical joints, molded wide-arch, and spool type expansion joints.
* denotes that a particular product can be eliminated by using the Tri-Flex Loop