Flex-Hose Co., Inc
Flex-Hose Co., Inc. 536 Listed for compressed and combustible gasses 33nb CSA standard B51 certified. Inspected and tested by the Technical Standards and Safety Authority of Canada NSF/ANSI 61 and California low lead law third party listed by IAPMO R&T FM Approved for Fire Protection Systems Lead Free

About Flex-Hose Co., Inc.


Traditions Will Never Mean Limits.

We understand that no customerís requirements are exactly the same. That our audience is targeted to engineers/designers and construction contractors whose responsibilities are to oversee costs and quality in the physical realm of installation of piping systems to existing and newly constructed buildings.

Thatís why Flex-Hose Co. pays so much attention to the details of your experience. Our employees will greet you in such a way that says we truly care and appreciate the opportunity to meet your performance expectation. Flex-Hose Co. personnel have the technical training and ability to provide solutions to the most demanding application. Our support also extends through specific job analysis services which recommends placement of product location in a piping system, perfectly integrating them into the overall theme of your project, saving you both time and money. This is the result of staying true to what is essentially right.

Anything Worth Doing is Worth Doing Right.

Itís not very hard to understand that people are influenced by innovation, long-term reliability, ease of installation, and extreme cost savings. Itís a no-brainer. This essence is built into the very fabric of our business and products since 1968.

Flex-Hose sets the standards for innovation and engineering brilliance with the Tri-Flex Loopģ, quite literally the envy of the industry. Our renowned products are backed by the best warranties in the business that other manufacturers find easier to talk about than to duplicate.

Flex-Hose Company operates under a CSA-B51, Category D, quality plan. This plan is certified by TSSA (Technical Standards and Safety Authority) of Canada. We can apply CRNís to all products that we manufacture, for all Canadian Provinces. In addition to our quality plan we utilize welders trained, and third party tested, in accordance with Section IX of the of the ASME BPVC (Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code).

We manufacture products that have been tested and/or listed or approved under:

  • FM (Factory Mutual, fire protection)
  • IAPMO: NSF/ANSI 61 / 372 (National Sanitary Foundation / American National Standards Institute, for drinking water and no lead)
  • UL (Underwriters laboratories, UL-536 for compressed and flammable gases)
  • Seismic application approval for New York City building codes
  • Seismic application approval Los Angles city codes
  • Massachusetts Board of Examiners, Plumbers and Gas Fitters
In addition we offer product lines that are:
  • Compliant with IBC (International Building Code) sections 1613 and 1613.1
  • Compliant with ASCE (American Society of Civil Engineers) Standard 7-05
We embrace the quality demanded by these organizations. In many cases they require quarterly inspections of our facilities, manufacturing processes and products in order to maintain product certification. As we say ďanything worth doing, is worth doing rightĒ.

So enjoy years of service with our flexible piping connections. Flex-Hose Co. products give you that choice. Donít compromise.

Phil Argersinger, President/Owner